The Wood Bowl Workshop  - Now in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Experiential Learning in wood, design and craft.     Workshops designed for the traveler.

Wood Artist LAURA YEATS established The Wood Bowl Workshopt to promote her experiential learning workshops in design and craft. She teaches individuals, two companions and sometimes small groups up to four adults.
Her signature workshop The Wood Bowl - From a Tree to Your Table is a comprehensive and rewarding immersion into the design and making process utilizing a unique local resource of fallen and salvaged trees. 
Laura's workshops are designed for those wanting to learn with intention and focus in a safe, intimate environment.  Students that make bowls from start to finish, literally from a fallen tree through each step to make a bowl for their own table.  In these immersion workshops students tend to experience deeper learning and bigger breakthroughs as they develop their craft.
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"The Stables Project" History

Workshops at the Seattle Log Yard Studio

I began teaching woodworking in my Seattle studio, the Log Yard, in 2009.  It evolved naturally as an extension of my work during the school year in the UW Department of Architecture Metal and Wood Shops. Many students and recent graduates were drawn to continue to learn about the properties of wood and explore the design and creation of 3-dimensional forms.
I created the workshop “The Wood Bowl:  From a Tree to Your Table” to encompass the full breadth and experience of making a utilitarian form from a fallen tree.  Before moving north to Orcas Island, I had taught dozens of people how to make beautiful bowls.


The Studio on Orcas Island - San Juan Islands, Washington

Travel and Learn - Immersion Workshops on a Beautiful Ferry-served Island.

The remote and beautiful Orcas Island, revered for its stunning natural beauty and spiritual ambience, provided a special environment conducive to experiential learning.  The sessions were condensed – usually a half day at most – to allow students the time and space to retreat, contemplate or explore the island at their own pace. 
Orcas Island is part of the San Juan Island archipelago of the Salish Sea, (Puget Sound) and is located about 90 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington and about 60 miles southwest of Vancouver, BC.  The islands are served by the Washington State Ferries that depart from Anacortes, Washington. 
The island is called the Rock because of its hilly and rocky terrain, but the Trees are what make it so enchanting.  The island is covered in native evergreen trees, Fir, Cedar, Hemlock, Pine and the beautiful, gnarled Pacific Madrone.  Students learned about the characteristics of these native trees and worked exclusively with fallen trees collected from around the island, including Alder, Maple and Madrone.

An Old Horse Barn becomes The STABLES

Solo and Companion Workshops designed for the traveler.

I moved to Orcas Island and the barn I found for my studio had originally been built for horses.  So this is where the name came from.... I began refering to my studio as 'the stables' because each lathe fit nicely into what had been a horse stall.  I left much of the character of the barn intact.  It wasn't long that everyone began calling my studio The STABLES.
Each summer I offered woodturning workshops to individuals and companions.  The workshops, held on 2 or 3 consecutive days, could accommodate those traveling to the islands for the workshop.   People traveled from all over to participate in this unique and rewarding adventure to learn about trees, design and craft.
The Wood Bowl Workshop on Orcas Island attracted many couples.  Grace and Edwin chose Orcas Island for their destination wedding and took the workshop as part their Honeymoon retreat!  And another couple worked collaboratively to make a big celebration bowl to honor their recent engagement!

2012:  Summer Workshops in design + craft

Wood | Metal | Mosaic | Print

In Summer 2012, the first STABLES Project emerged - a collaboration of 8 master artists offering workshops in their craft.  There were offerings in woodworking, metalworking, printmaking and mosaic.
Participating Artists
WOOD:  Thomas Lee, Julia Harrison, Laura Yeats
METAL:  Jorgen Harle, Patrick Maher, Bart Turner
MOSAIC:  Chris Emmert
PRINT:  David W. Simpson